Posted on May 19, 2009

Pledgie: Help One-Click Ruby Installer to get a New Home!

So I went ahead and cleared up the idea I had for this. To give more fairness and openness, decided to run this as a competition.

Most of the details are in the Pledgie here , but just to clarify:

Designers that want to participate, need to create a homepage image mockup of the website. These mockups are going to be exposed to everybody and a open poll is going to be held.

The mockup with most votes and that share the idea of the RubyInstaller project and guidelines is going to be awarded with the total money of the pledgie.

Money is going to be send over Paypal when HTML and CSS elements are shared publicly (GitHub or any type of code repository).

Designers will remain the copyright holders of the design and credits will be displayed in the website with permission of usage for RubyInstaller project.

I believe this is fair, and also can let people’s mind fly, so go ahead, mock something that can fit these needs and add those to the following wiki page at GitHub:

Website Contest – RubyInstaller

Once again, if you want to contribute with some money, please use the badge at the bottom of the page or this one:

Click here to lend your support to: Help One-Click Ruby Installer to get a New Home! and make a donation at !

And for those Linux and Mac users that want to contribute, you can do it anonymously 😉

Good luck everybody!