Posted on May 19, 2009

RubyInstaller: One-Clicks need a new home, can you help him?

I must say that my skills to ask for something are really lacking, and my design skills are even worse.

So, I’m bringing this topic to the table, seeking for ideas on how to improve the Ruby on Windows image beyond just code.

I’m willing to offer money to pay for it, since I’m quite aware that Open Source and contributions don’t put food on the table.

Of course, I’m not rich, so the balance needs to be found 😀

So, what is the idea:

  • Build the website with Radiant or a simple CMS over Ruby
  • Design needs to be simple and provide access to:
    1. News feed (small articles)
    2. Download info and links
    3. Getting Started Resources (info and links)
    4. Contribute (RubyForge and GitHub info)
    5. Support (access to mailing list and forums of interest)
  • Initial artwork (logo and iso) already exist
  • Application icons can be highly improved 😀

For the record: there is no need to be a Windows user or designer, so people on Linux and OSX are welcome 😉

If there is more interest, maybe a Bounty can be opened, but time, feedback and community response will tell.

Please, comment and pass the message!