Posted on May 31, 2009

beta test rake-compiler: fat binaries functionality implemented

No trans-fat, no issues with cholesterol, fat-binaries are something proposed by Aaron Patterson to workaround some RubyGems limitations shipping gems for Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.

You can read his initial experiment here

While working on sqlite3-ruby and mysql-gem, raised by concerns here in RubyGems mailing list back in April, exposing a issue generating binaries compatible with both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 are tricky, kind of impossible with current solutions like plain RubyGems and packages Hoe or Echoe.

rake-compiler was born with the concept to simplify creation of Windows gems form Linux or OSX, and again, Aaron Patterson helped me out simplifying his original post in a simple example:

Now, I’ve managed to integrate part of those changes, but there are still some lack of (cough, cough) documentation and examples.

I’ve published to GitHub the beta gem (version 0.6.0) or rake-compiler for testing, and I’m playing with it to proper build sqlite3-ruby and mysql-gem for Windows from OSX

In theory, thanks to Cucumber and RSpec, nothing is going to break on existing projects. Those that wants to take advantage of this functionality will need to minor adapt the entry point of your gems and properly fire the rake commands.

I’ll love get some feedback of those projects using rake-compiler to release binaries, mostly if I broke something 😀

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