Posted on Jun 28, 2009

RubyInstaller: preview1 released!

Ok, so… took some time, but we are almost there!

I just announced to Ruby-Talk the release of the preview version of the installers.

RubyInstaller: Building installers story and news

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I’ve also included there what to expect from this installers and a quick FAQ to cover most of the common questions I answer on a daily basis.

One question i didn’t put on the FAQ: yes, the installer takes more than one click, that’s one of the reasons the installer is called RubyInstaller 😉

Rest assured I did my best to reduce the amount of clicks!

Now is time for me to focus on ease the Development Kit installation process and allow sharing it across multiple Ruby installations, thanks to Pik

Don’t forget to vote for RubyInstaller website design here

Stay tuned, more to come (but not today!) 😀


  • Paulo Cesar says:

    Awesome! I was thinking today “I forgot to bookmark the feed from MMediasys, let me go there and do so” and there’s this awesome post about the installer! Great job, being a Windows user / Rails programmer is tough hehe

  • Justin says:


    Wasn’t sure where to send a bug report. I installed RubyInstaller and already have the previous one-click installer installed. There seems to be an issue with gems. I opened the ruby command prompt you provide and did “gem environment” to check the version. It reported my other ruby install as a location to install gems. I made sure that directory did not exist (by renaming my existing install) and tried to install some gems. Gems went and created the path it needed in the old location and installed there, not in the RubyInstall directory as I expected. If you need more info feel free to email me.

    Great experience though – I am really happy to see your work here!

  • Luis says:

    Hello Justin,

    Thank you for your report, I would really appreciate if you post it to Rubyinstaller tracker at RubyForge here

    AFAIK, maybe you’re experiencing a issue with GEM environment variables or maybe gemrc file.

    Also, could be that you had a previous Ruby installation in your PATH and that is interfering with the command prompt.

    This version of the installer do not prioritize itself on top of Windows PATH (like was before), so it append at the end, not at the beginning.

    Please open a ticket at the tracker (above link) and we can keep discussing over there.

    Thank you for trying it out!

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  • Hey Luis,

    The link to the website design points to a page on StackOverflow…

  • Luis says:

    Woot, thank you Charles for noticing it 🙂