Posted on Jul 25, 2009

RubyInstaller: Voting is over and the results are…

Hello Hello!

I’m happy to announce — 24 hours late on it — that the voting is over for the website contest I started last month for getting RubyInstaller (known as OneClick) a new home.

Thank all the designers who participated

First I would like to thank all the designers that contributed over the wiki with their design proposals and comments.

Thank you contributors

Second but no less important a huge thank you to all the members of the Ruby community that contributed money to the campaign over pledgie.

26 people donated 900 dollars!!!

The designer who created the selected design is going to receive all that.

Thank you!

Selection of the design

So, the polldaddy results:

With a total of 339 votes:

Participant Votes %
Pavel Macek 160 47%
Ben Alpert 100 29%
Francesco Agnoletto 43 13%
Thuva Tharma 25 7%
Silviu Postavaru 11 3%

Congratulations Pavel Macek!

I must say that was hard choice to all who voted, I couldn’t personally decide which one to vote since each design focused on important aspects.

Thanks to the community

Thank everyone that spread the word over Twitter, blog posts and mailing lists.

What’s next?

Well, now getting in touch with designer and arrange the GitHub repository for him to publish the HTML and CSS of the designs.

Then, built it over Radiant application and deploy!

Over the past weeks Jon has been working on documentation, FAQ and collecting information at the GitHub wiki page.

Thanks Jon!

Once everything is in place, content will be ported/migrated to the new website.

When the final installers?

There are still some issues with own Ruby tests, but expect a newer preview release soon.