August 7, 2010


Beyond my daily work at AREA 17 I create and maintain some open source projects:


The project main goal is provide a working and stable environment for users to develop using Ruby on Windows operating systems. A set of installers and a complementary Development Kit aim to simplify the issues associated with Ruby, trying to make it a better citizen.

Issue Tracker
RubyInstaller Group


A complement of RubyInstaller is rake-compiler, which goal is to ease the compilation of native C extensions using convention over configuration and allowing OSX or Linux Ruby developers compile native binaries for Windows users.

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Created by Jamis Buck, SQLite3/Ruby is the former adapter to access the small database SQLite3 from Ruby. Nowdays the project is maintained by Aaron Patterson and myself. It is the default database adapter used by Rails and Sequel ORM.

Issue Tracker
SQLite3-Ruby Group


The original MySQL bindings for Ruby. Created by Tomita Masahiro and provided as gem for Ruby users. Please note that only gem issues like incorrect packaging and such can be handled by me. The author declared mysql-ruby library dead and only bugfixes are accepted at RubyForge

Gem Repository
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Other projects

Due my work at RubyInstaller I found several tools that required some tweaking. Due the lack of active maintainer I took ownership of them, but aren’t actively developed. Please fell free to take a look and fork at your will at GitHub:

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